The Mongol Rally defines itself as “The greatest Adventure in the World”. It’s a challenge to go from London to Ulan Bator, a trip of around 8,000 to 10,000 Miles, all that in a car that must be “generally considered to be crap”. Participating cars are limited to a maximum of one litre of engine displacement, to make it more interesting. All this will come without no fancy back up teams, so if you want to make it, you’ll only have yourself and your chosen (t)rusty vehicle to rely on.
All this we do (besides of our love of adventures) for collecting huge amounts of Quid for our chosen charities Mercy Corps Mongolia and Send a Cow. So please help us to meet our goal!
The Wartburg Tourists Mongol Rally 2007 Team
Team Wartburg Tourists (named after our initial choice of car, a 1984 Wartburg 353 Tourist), are father and son Siegfried and Jonas Echterhoff. Siegfried teaches maths at the University of Münster, and Jonas is a student of computer science and developer of racing games for the Mac, living in Berlin.
If you have any questions about us, feel free to send emails to Jonas or Siegfried!