A great thanks goes to all our Sponsors listed below!!
Ambrosia Software - the cult publisher and developer of independent shareware games and Mac utility software! Also the publisher of jonas’ car racing game, Redline.
Chromjuwelen - the #1 Website to go to for interesting news and articles on old cars and related subcultural happenings.
Fuel + Food - monthly meetings for drivers of old metal on parking lots all over Germany.
Fahrschule Norbert Leewe - a very friendly local driving school in Steinfurt.
Private Sponsors: The Clancett Family, Walter Oevel, Gabriele Koch, Wend Werner, Daniel Pimley, David Best, Ken Dykema, The Rintelen Family, The Schuermann Family
Uppenkamp & Partner - the experts for analysis and problem solving concerning emmissions/immissions of noise, smell and polution!.
LDM Tuning - LDM Tuning is the best place to get spare parts for Wartburgs or other east german cars. They kindly sponsored us with parts and two-stroke-oil for the trip.
Solido - Solido is a friendly and innovative local company devoted to the renovation and preservation of buildings.