The Wartburg Tourists Photos
Departure from Steinfurt
Other teams at the party location in Prague
In Hungary, german quality products are still appreciated
Zona Periculoasa
Changing the head gasket on the camp site
Dacia with one horse power
Transilvanian mountains
Camping next to a field in Romania
Here Moldovans change their engine oil
NATO Stop!
Iprovised ignition cooling system
Camping on the beach in Ukraine
…and the accompanying parking lot
Caution, militsia! Hide the dollars!
Entering Volgograd/Stalingrad
The river Volga
Ponton bridge in Russia
The Fiesta is stuck in Sand again.
Driving through the steppe in the evening
An oasis in the steppe
The Wartburg does well in sand
…and so does the Polo
Kazakh roads are often so bad…
…that it’s better to just go besides the road
One of many camel shots
You all there, kids?
Friendly reception where ever you park your car
The Wartburg runs find on 80 octane
Camp site in the Uzbek desert
Our local friends in Uzbekistan
Driving through desert storm
Siegfried got his hair cut
Mountain lake in Kyrgyzstan
Camping by a lake
Kyrgyz nomads in the mountains
Scars of a fight
Siberian summer
In the Altai mountains
Camp site in the mountains
Russian mountain village
At the Mongolian border
The main road to Ulan Bator
Italian teams
One of many river crossings
…this one is a bit tougher
…so we try the closed bridge instead
Mongolian Landscape
Bavarian mountainbikers
Ger camp
Mongolian Kids
They are teasing us here
Wartburg meets Trabant
This is normal wear on Mongolian roads
Joe Camel
For this river we did need some help from the locals
Mongolian little rascals
Ulan Bator! We made it!
Hmmm, Khan Bräu! The  alternative to Chinggis Beer!
London Taxi made it, too - with a lot of Gaffa tape.